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Fall has sent a notice to expect her arrival. Kind of glad as it is one of my favorite times of the year. A good time to plan for upcoming projects and also to take a good look and see what trash I need to rid myself of. Like some new stuff for the website. Been spending much time with writing new material. This I find is so important. In order to do this you need the time to be creative and in order to do that you either must be monetarily well off or have a gig that allows you the time to accomplish this. Not an easy thing to do as the industry has been reeling and spiraling so fast downhill. This is effecting so many artists, labels, distributors and retailers. With our music being basicly free with downloads and independent labels sitting around like leeches sucking as much blood as they possibly can out of us it's a wonder that some of us are surviving.

But we do and will continue to as songs still need to be written with conviction and concerts performed with a passion for the love of what we enjoying doing. Artists and the public who support them are slowly bonding together to help one another. The artist to squeak out a decent living and the public to receive and enjoy music from their favorite artist at a fair and reasonable price. It's a matter of making concessions to one another. Many of the younger artists see this. They have already addressed this. They have found creative ways to deliver their music while in the process ridding themselves of having to deal with greedy record executives who are now requiring the artists to pay for their own recordings and then except their (as one said to me once) 'crappy' terms for releasing it to the public in hard copy. The demise of once thriving independent labels is past the horizon. We as artists are in no need of them anymore as the internet that has been taking away from us is now giving back to us. Do your own research and you will find that the ones who are doing well are the younger artists who still take risks with their fresh ideas and the ones reeling and crying out of control are the old dinosaurs who fased out the A&R departments(artist relations) just in order so they could still keep their (artist funded) little villa in Provence. I saw this a long long time ago as I grew up with one of these executives. He is still there in a very prominent position. The only difference is that he still contiunes to apply the old school ethics and that is to continue to work with artist relations and not to let greed and ruthlessness cloud his vision to a harmonious relationship with the artist he works with. So I will leave you with this. Support your favorite artist by going direct to them as much as possible. This has become so easy to do now as most of us have websites that you can buy direct from hard copy or download. Keep this in mind. When you buy from any labels website you support their habits and the artist receives but pennies from any sales. The history of great music and art is littered with so many wonderful musicians and artists who have been refused, abused, misused, neglected, rejected and in some cases infected by the greed of the music industry.

Good Blessings

p.s. Support Live Music!

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